Job Hunting and Student Loan Payments during Economic Downturn - AAO Webinar

12/07/2022 - 12/07/2022




Shannon Patterson presents an AAO webinar, Job Hunting and Student Loan Payments during Economic Downturn on December 7 at 7:00pm/CST.


Shannon will delve into job hunting and student load payments. Whether you're a 2nd or 3rd year resident, a new orthodontist starting in a practice, or you've been practicing for years and still have loan payments, Shannon will discuss strategies and best options during an economic downturn for both the job hunt and loan payments.


How will a potential recession or economic downturn and high inflationary times impact the orthodontic labor market? Currently the job market is holding strong despite ongoing concerns of a recession and historically the healthcare sector fares better than other sectors during an economic downturn. However, orthodontics is often dependent on the local economic conditions of the community they serve, meaning jobs might be more sensitive and we could see a drop off in openings.


As if a looming recession, rising inflation and a housing market that is still out of control isn’t enough to worry about, orthodontic residents are graduating with astronomical levels of student debt. Recent data indicates that borrowers who entered repayment during and immediately after the Great Recession defaulted on their loans or paused payments more quickly than borrowers who entered in prior years.


This lecture will discuss job-seeking strategies that will help residents prepare to job hunt during an economic downturn as well as tips to prepare for loan repayment options.


Learning Objectives Include: 

  • What to do if you’re graduating during a recession
  • How to navigate a tightening job market and how it impacts negotiating power
  • Strategies for “striking while the iron is hot”
  • Learn to manage your finances as you start your career, including Deferment, Forbearance and Income-Driven Repayment Options


This program is a complimentary AAO program, but members must register. 

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