AAO 2020 Virtual Meeting: Growing, Thriving, and Surviving in the Decade Ahead

05/02/2020 - 05/02/2020


AAO 2020 Virtual Meeting

Saturday, May 2, 3:25pm-4:25pm 

Growing, Thriving, & Surviving in the Decade Ahead

Presented by: Chris Bentson


This lecture will focus on how successful orthodontists can grow their practices, involve their team members, stay competitive in today’s environment, and thrive in the decade ahead. We’ll dive into the changes expected and how practice profits will be generated versus historical models. The necessity of a well-defined strategy, technology deployment, clinical modality choices, and practice modality options will be discussed. These tidbits of knowledge can be used by doctors and team members to better define opportunities to decrease stress and grow in the decade ahead!


Learning Objective:

  • Doctors in attendance will recognize the importance of a well-defined practice strategy as the key component to future practice growth and success.
  • Orthodontic team members will be better equipped to understand their role in the success of the practice and what changes to expect in order for the practice to thrive in the decade ahead.
  • Recognize where growth opportunities exist in today’s marketplace.

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